Online Poker Games Zombie Stack - Stack Rabbit, Zombie Tsunami, Zombie Smasher, Zombie Frontier, Zombie Diary
Zombie Stack
It's time to have a tsunami of excitement with Zombie Stack!
Become a smasher of boredom in this zombie inspired physics game.
This game is truly one for the diary! Zombie Stack is a frontier when it comes to combining fun and logic.
This stack of zombie cubes will let you hop like a rabbit, how? By testing your with and brains!
You see this is a puzzle game, a balancing zombie stack game. This begins with a lever on on two cubes.
Gradually a box of zombie will drop.
You control where to drop these boxes to make sure it wont fall.
The more zombie boxes you stack, the better your score will be!
Isn't this exciting?
You'll be writing endless in your diary when you're done with this zombie stack game!

Zombie Stack Game Features:
★ Stack to the top!
★ Online game sharing interface to show off your skills!
★ Just tap the screen to drop the zombie box!
★ Smooth HD 3D graphics for a smashing zombie fun!
★ Frustratingly addictive gameplay!

This Zombie Stack game will sure make you a frontier of stacking games! Download Now!

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